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Skunk Lawn Greetings Display

PEE-EWW! - Ya Know - It Really "STINKS" Getting Older!

Pricing - $85.00 - 24 Hour Display

2D Skunks
2D Skunks
Standard Message Board
Standard Message Board
Skunks and Wacky Tombstones Display
Skunks and Wacky Tombstones Display

Birthday Phrases:

(Name) Is Downwind of (Age)! Happy Birthday!
Beware, The Stink Bomb Is Here! (Name) Is (Age)!
Get A Whiff Of Old Age! (Name) Is (Age)!
Happy (Age) Birthday (Name) You've Been Skunked!
Happy (Age) Birthday You Little Stinker!
Happy Birthday (Name)! Eat, Stink, And Be Merry!
It Stinks Being (Age)! Happy Birthday!
It's Another Stinkin' Birthday! Happy (Age) (Name)!
Let's Raise A Stink & Wish (Name) A Happy (Age) Birthday!
PEE-EWW Being (Age) Stinks!
Stinky Poo, Happy Birthday To You!
We Could Make Beautiful Music Together - Scent By A Secret Admirer
We Got Wind Of Your Birthday (Name)! Happy (Age)!

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