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Yard Card Surprise! FAQs

1. About Yard Card Surprise!:

We are Lorain County, Ohio's One-Stop-Shop for All Occasion "Lawn Greetings/Yard Card" company. A Family Owned/Operated full-service "Lawn Greetings" Rental Service offering an alternative to the "same old" cards, flowers, balloons, photo mugs, cookies, and candy.

2. What we offer:

We rent "Lawn Greetings" displays to make Special Occasions even more festive, memorable, and meaningful.  Imagine the smile and surprise on the face of a friend or loved one when they wake up to find their Special Occasion being celebrated in such a huge fashion.  They'll love it, just like others across the country have loved their surprises.

3. Are Reservations Required?

Advance Reservations are highly recommended so we can reserve the type of display that you would like to send. Next-day service is available, pending availability. email us at info@yardcardsurprise.com to ensure that we can have your display ready when and where you want it on short notice.

4. How Much Does a "Lawn Greeting/Yard Card" Cost?

Click on any "Critter" on our Home Page and it will take you to a page showing the price for that display, as well as pictures and phrases for that display. Additional days are $25.00 based upon availability of the display.

5.  What Methods of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Checks, and Cash - You may also pay by PayPal, if you prefer. Payment must be made prior to the delivery of your "Lawn Greetings" display.
If paying by check, please allow ample time for your check to clear.

NOTE: Returned Checks will be charged a $35.00 NSF fee and must be paid by valid Credit Card or Cash prior to the delivery/setup.

6. What Areas Do You Deliver To?

Delivery is FREE to anywhere within Lorain County, Ohio.  Please Call or Email us for possible delivery outside of the Lorain County area.

Major cities in Lorain County include, but are not limited to:
  • Amherst
  • Avon
  • Avon Lake
  • Columbia Station
  • Elyria
  • Grafton
  • LaGrange
  • Lorain
  • North Ridgeville
  • Oberlin
  • Sheffield Lake
  • Vermilion
  • Wellington
If totally outside of our delivery area, please check out RentAFlock or Flamingoed.com to find a "Lawn Greetings" Company near you. 

7. Do You Deliver To Apartments or Townhouses?

Yes, we can deliver to Apartments or Townhouses as long as there is a grassy area in which we can setup the display.  We need approval from the Property Management Company/Landlord/Leasing Agent, so call them first to ensure that it will not be a problem.  When placing your order, please have that individual's name and number available.

8. Do You Deliver To Businesses or Offices?

Yes, just as in Apartments or Townhouses above, we will need a grassy area and prior approval. (NOTE:  We cannot setup on Public Property, On a Right-Of-Way, or block the view of drivers.)  For Businesses or Offices, we will deliver/setup prior to the arrival of the individual for whom the Greeting is for and remove it at the "Close of Business" Day.

9. Does Someone Have To Be Home During A Delivery?

No one needs to be home when we deliver, setup, or take down the display.

10. How Do I Place My Order/Request more Information?

It's easy - eMail us at info@yardcardsurprise.com.We will Respond and Answer any Questions or Confirm your Order/Reservation within 24 hours. Since most of our deliveries are made in the "wee hours" of the morning, please try to help us out by giving us as much information about where we will be delivering as possible, if known. Information such as a brief description of the house, vehicles in the driveway, dogs in the house/yard or surrounding area, etc. Also, if you have a particular area or positioning of the display, mention it at this time. We very much appreciate any information that you can provide us.

11. When Do You Deliver My "Lawn Greeting/Yard Card" Display?

Baby Shower/Birth Announcements are delivered at your predetermined date/time.  All other displays are delivered between midnight and 6:00am and picked back up around sundown or no later than noon the next day, so the recipient has maximum exposure to their "Lawn Greetings" display.  Other times can be pre-arranged, just let us know in advance.

12. Am I or the Recipient Allowed to Keep Any Part of the Display?

No. This is a rental display only. If you would like to purchase any part of the display, please call us and make arrangements, based upon availability. Lost, missing, or damaged Signs/Critters will incur a replacement fee and will be charged to the Sender. Please help us safeguard our displays as this keeps the cost of our displays at an affordable level for all.

13. How Many "Critters" Make Up a Display?

All of our displays come with 20 - 30 Mix or Match Critters, except Flamingos, which come with 50 - Want more than 30 "Critters"? They will cost $1.00 for each over 30 based upon availability

14. May I Request A Specific Message With My Display?

Yes, you may. You can use your own wording, as long as it will fit on our sign and is not profane, vulgar, or racial. (We reserve the right to not allow certain phrases that we feel are not appropriate). You may also pick one listed on our website, or we will work with you to come up with a Perfect Phrase for Your Occasion.

15. Do You Deliver Every Day of the Week and in Bad Weather?

We deliver most every day of the year except for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's...We also take 1 - 2 weeks off during the year, and a day here and there and will post our "Unavailable Dates" when they are determined. We do deliver in most weather conditions.  We reserve the right to cancel delivery if the weather is so severe to create a hazard to us or our displays.  If we do cancel a delivery, we will contact you to reschedule the delivery or refund your payment, if so desired.

**Disclaimer** - The nature of our business is to provide year round all occasion greetings placed in the yard/lawn of the recipient. We are not responsible for inclement weather, including but not limited to high winds, heavy rainfall, ice, snow, and sleet which may affect the appearance of the display such as overturned/leaning theme signs, message boards, and/or "critters". We make every attempt to adequately secure all elements of the display. In addition, during the winter months, when the ground is frozen, we will limit our display selections to those that sit on top of the ground rather than being staked. Winter selections include 3D Crows, 3D Ice Cream Cones, 3D Penguins, 3D Rubber Ducks, 3D Swans, and 3D Teddy Bears (Tan and/or White).

16. Refund Policy:

Yard Card Surprise! will refund your money in full, if you cancel your rental at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled delivery.
(Note: Delivery is made by 6:00am on the scheduled day.) We reserve the right to cancel the order if we feel that the delivery would be a danger to us or our displays. As stated previously, if weather conditions prevent us from delivering and setting up your display, we'll contact you to reschedule the delivery or refund your payment, if so desired. We are unable to provide a refund for the following reasons:
  • You give us less than 24 hours advance notice of cancellation
  • You give us the wrong address and we are unable to contact you to confirm the correct address
  • The Recipient, Homeowner, Business Owner, or a Security Guard/Police Officer prevents us from setting up the display
  • We are denied access to a "Gated Community" and are unable to deliver and setup the display
  • The recipient, Homeowner, Business Owner, or a Security Guard/Police Officer contacts us to pick up the display prior to the end of the rental period
  • Animals on the property or surrounding area prevent us from delivery and setting up the display
  • There are no grassy areas available in the front of the home, apartment, townhouse, or business in which to set up the display - We do not deliver and setup displays in backyards
  • Any other circumstances beyond our control that prevent us from delivering and setting up the display

17. Safety Issues and Other Information:

For the safety of Children and Adults, alike, please DO NOT allow them to play on or near the "Lawn Greeting/Yard Card" display. The displays are NOT toys. The displays are made of wood and/or coroplast and have metallic hardware attached to them to secure them into the ground. This precaution is for the safety of all as well as to ensure that the display is not damaged in any way.

We do encourage you to pose next to the display for photographs of your celebration. However, please do not remove or move any part of the display. If you would like it to be moved or removed entirely, please contact us.

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