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Crows Lawn Greetings Display

Alone in a "Flock" or as Part of the "Over The Hill" Display

Pricing - Crows Alone - $85.00 - "Over The Hill" Specialty Display - $100.00

Black "OVER THE HILL" Lawn Letters - Add $20.00

3D Crows
3D Crows
Crow Theme Sign
Crow Theme Sign
Crow Full Display
Crow Full Display

Birthday Phrases:

A Moment Of Silence (Name) Is (Age)! Happy Birthday!
Another Birthday, Another Step Closer To The Grave! Happy Birthday, (Name)
Buzzard Buzzard Go Away (Name) Is Only (Age) Today!
Getting Old Beats the Alternative - Happy (Age) Birthday, (Name)!
Happy (Age) Birthday, (Name), You Old Buzzard!
Happy (Age) Birthday (Name), You Old Bird!
Happy Flocking (Age) Birthday You Old Buzzard!
Here Lies Your Youth, (Name) - Happy Birthday!
Hi Ho Hi Ho Over The Hill (Name) Goes! Happy (Age)!
Honk For (Name), He/She's A (Age) Year Old Buzzard!
How Old You May Wonder, (Name) Is Almost 6 Feet Under! Happy Birthday!
In Dog Years, You'd Be Dead - Happy (Age) Birthday, (Name)!
It Is Better To Be Over The Hill Than Under It! Happy (Age) Birthday (Name)!
Look Alive! Here Come The Buzzards For (Name)!
Name Here Lies Your Youth! Happy (Age) Birthday
Something To Buzz About, (Name) Is (Age)!
Something To Crow About, (Name) Is (Age)
The Old Buzzard Is (Age)! Happy Birthday!
Tomb It May Concern (Name) is (Age)!
We Flew In To Wish (Name) A Happy (Age) Birthday!
We're Buzzin' In To Wish You A Happy (Age) Birthday!
We're Circling For (Name's) (Age)! Happy Birthday!
You Know It's (Name's) Birthday When The Buzzards Start Circling!

Anniversary/Love Phrases:

Something To Crow About - It's (Name's) And (Name's) (Year) Anniversary!

Graduation Phrases:

Something To Crow About - (Name) Has Graduated)!

Retirement Phrases:

Something To Crow About - (Name) Is Retiring/Retired!

New Home Phrases:

Something To Crow About - It's (Name's) and (Name's) New Home!

Get Well Soon Phrases:

Something To Crow About - We Want You To Get Well!

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